The question of the best timing, that is, the days and times best suited for sending emails, is a very frequent question – and the answer will depend on your audience.

But how to start the tests? You need to set a frequency for emailing, which is usually related to the amount of news that you have to communicate.

Therefore, you should start basing yourself on a schedule so that you do not exceed the limits. Delivery can be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly – this is at your discretion. A study by DMA UK (British Marketing Association) shows that clickthrough rates are optimized if you send emails 2 to 3 times a month.

The following are the number of submissions per month and their respective average clickthrough rate in three different years:

The following are the number of submissions per month and their respective average clickthrough rate in three different years:

If you are trying to decide the best day to send an e-book, infographic or content tutorial, Tuesday is the best day. Take advantage of the high opening rates earlier in the week to send emails that do not necessarily require clicks.
Share a post on your blogs or simply tell your readers about the data that you consider relevant to them.

But if you need your readers to take action or convert, such as newsletter signatures, webinar subscriptions or content downloads, to make a campaing near or during the weekend may work in your favor. The highest CTR takes place over the weekend. Email volumes are smaller during those days and people finally have time to read your emails.

Do you want your audience to open the email? Send in the afternoon.

The time of day you send your email marketing can influence the rates of openings as much as the day you choose. It is often said that the best time to do submissions is in the morning.

However, this may not be the best strategy for your newsletter or automation (welcome, account activations, etc.)

While most people check their emails in the morning, they usually try to start the day productively … This means that anything unnecessary will probably not be read and can even be marked as spam. Although your newsletter is important, it may rank second to the job demand in the morning.

This explains why the higher email open rates are in the afternoon and evening.

Do you want your audience to reply? try to send at night

Experian has collected survey data with its customers to determine when to send e-mail. They found that while most emails are sent between 8am and noon (morning), the highest engagement rates are between 8pm and midnight (at night).

Think about it:

At work, you’re busy with everything you need to finish before you leave. After you get home and make dinner, at what time can you finally check your email?

A little before resting, just between 20:00 and 00:00. It is in these moments that the audience will be more willing to read.


Author: Francis Fussiger


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