Here we are. The birthplace of football. As you all know, we, Brazilians, are crazy about football. And this could be the passion to unite us today.

However, a stronger bond connects me to the Thames. My name is Jonatas Abbott. No, not this Jonathas. This fine-looking gentleman in the picture is an Englishman who departed from London-probably cruising underneath Tower Bridge-towards Brazil in 1812. He left as a stable boy working for a Brazilian doctor who was visiting the English capital at the time. Soon after arriving in our country, he worked as a caretaker at the first Brazilian Medical School, where he later became a student, then a doctor, and finally, the vice-dean of the institution. Years later, he traveled back to continental Europe and London on a journey that would eventually inspire the writing of the book Jonathas Abbott´s Diary. A number of years after that, his private collection of artworks would mark the establishment of the first Museum of Art in Brazil. He was the one who started the only Abbott lineage in the country. He’s my ancestor/grandfather and to him I owe my name. Sadly, without the letter ‘h’, which, along with the other foreign ones, wasn’t allowed for babies’ names by the military regime at the time. But although Abbott might be a rather common surname around here, it is rare-and therefore precious-in my country.

Do you know what this means for the start of Dinamize’s operations here in England? Absolutely nothing, I’m afraid. I wish you and all English people would feel moved by this beautiful, touching (and genuine) story and buy our products. But if I believed this could happen, I wouldn’t have waited 18 years of our history as a company to start doing business in the UK.

The long time it took us to get here is due to the fact that we’re a company that set up its own model based on the very essence of marketing and developed products that fulfill the needs of our clients. We’re independent, and initially focused on attaining leadership in our homeland, one of the largest Internet markets worldwide, well-known for always being up-to-date with all trends and use of technology. From that point, we began an operation in the American market, which, I should say, has more than 500 of our servers running in IBM’s Data Center. Soon after that, we opened the office in Lisbon, Portugal, quickly followed by the start of our operations in Toronto, Canada, where we are proud to serve Volvo North America among many other Canadian and American companies.

At last, London, England, United Kingdom. One of the most important markets in the world. Home to great music, amazing art, and the very development of the Web as we know it. Our product gets here after having been certified in 4 countries, currently providing services to over 25,000 brands, among which are General Motors, Peugeot, Coca-Cola, Rolling Stone, Samsung and L’Oreal, to name a few.

We operate directly with two high-impact tools: e-mail marketing (still the number 1 ROI in the American market) and inbound marketing, which is more than a trendy term in the digital market. It’s a powerful marketing automation and lead conversion resource.

We have come far beyond the point we thought would be possible 18 years ago. Using our Brazilian creativity, the best references in technology on the planet, and a model based on service and pioneering channels, we have been able to offer a product that is considered superior to those put forth by the leading North American players, with unique usability combined with great results for our clients.

As of today, Dinamize is English, too. And further to this toast, I hope that the effectiveness of our products may finally unite the 19th and 21st centuries.

I really want to be English again.

Wrapping up, I’d like to thank Dado Schneider and Carine Vargas for their initiative. You truly believed in this dream. Carine, whom I now introduce to you, is an executive with a vast experience in the communication market in Britain. She did extensive research and identified unfulfilled needs and room for our products to grow here. Carine, the floor is all yours/we’re ready for kick-off!

Jonatas Abbott


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