Google Tag Manager, Whatsapp and much more

Get to know the new functionalities integrated into our platforms that will help your business to achieve greater results in 2019.

This week, Dinamize released the list of recent updates on its two main marketing automation platforms: MKT2Easy and Mail2Easy PRO. The aim was mainly to refine the management of customer journeys in both platforms, enabling companies to optimize all their efforts and to deliver better customer experiences to their audience.

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a Google solution to help with the management of all tags without editing code and it has now been integrated into Dinamize platforms allowing clients to personalize their pages, adding and updating their tags, in an easier way.
For instance, when creating a landing page, it will be possible to add features on the page to improve customer experience, consequently increasing conversion rates.

In addition to all integrations already available on MKT2Easy and Mail2Easy PRO here are some other functionalities available on the latest Dinamize upgrade:



Chatbots are robots developed to automate the communication with audience following response flows. Chatbot takes users responses in order to create the dialogue and keep engagement.



The king of merchandising can prove its benefits in the online world. The feature helps to get audience attention. It can be a message related to a campaign or a form for subscription. Pop up wisely!


Email validation

Data is the new oil, therefore the quality of your list of contacts is key to reach targeted audiences. The email validation solution stops the submission of invalid email addresses. If a subscriber provides an invalid email due to a typo, for example, the user will be alerted so they can correct the error.


Online chat

A good solution to improve the interface between businesses and audiences. There is no bot involved. In case of high demand on this service, it is possible to speed up the customer service via online chat by configuring some answers based on FAQ.



Would you like to engage your customers using WhatsApp?

Companies around the world are using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers. It is a friendly app, with immediate message exchange evoking proximity.

From now, users of MKT2Easy and Mail2Easy PRO can add a link to drive customers to corporate WhatsApp accounts via email or landing pages.

Easy to set:
On the Share icon, select WhatsApp and fill the field in with telephone number including the international code.


One account, many users, different permissions

If you have a team assigned with individual tasks, our platform enables you to set different permissions on user level or team level. Dinamize software provides ‘permission templates’ based on the most frequent tasks managed by each user, therefore you don’t have to set the permissions by adding task-by-task. Pick the permission option that fits best the user tasks on the platform and voila! All set in one simple step.


Dynamic content and rules

When sending a personalised message, in case some fields in the list are blank, a default message can be setup replacing the blank fields. This feature enables all leads and customers to receive a campaign email or SMS regardless of the empty fields in the data list.

Previously, personalised messages could only be sent to lists where the fields to be personalised were complete. However, with this new solution, contacts with empty fields can also receive the communication.


Google Drive Sheets

List of subscribers created on Google Sheets can now be imported into the platform. Formerly, the integration was only with files with the following extensions: CSV, XLS, XLSX and TXT.

Easy to set:
To work on this integration, go to menu Contacts > Import > FTP/Could Drives > Connection > Google Drive. Then you can name the connection and save it.

Done! From this point, Sheets saved on your Google Drive will be shown on the list of files to be imported.


Multiple values and segmentation

From now, each contact can have multiple values (or tags). This functionality helps during the segmentation process as the tool now allows the selection of more than one value when filtering the contacts. Previously, the tags would have to be added one-by-one.

Easy to set:
Go to Contacts > List > Manage contacts > Display > Search Contact > Add multiple values (Tick sign/TAGS).


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